A Healthy Mind Comes First

Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis for Individuals, Couples and Professionals at Work

What is mental health?

Have you or those important people in your life achieved the capacity for empathy? Are you or those you care about self reflective and capable of taking responsibility for one’s actions? Are you or your significant other able to pause before reacting emotionally? Are you able to exercise good judgement?

In sum, the key components of a healthy mental life and of emotional well being are a capacity for:

  • empathy
  • self reflection
  • taking responsibility for one’s actions
  • self control before reacting
  • maintaining good judgement

Depression, anxiety, alienation, purposelessness, relationship difficulties, chronic anger, meaninglessness, intellectual and emotional numbing, for example, are disruptions in good mental health functioning.

Backed by many years of study, training, and experience, I hold a Doctorate in Psychoanalysis and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I bring a depth and range of experience in understanding symptoms, assessing problems, and working collaboratively towards possible solutions.

Each individual contends with shared universal human experiences as well as life circumstances that are unique to each person.